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Thank you for sharing with us the good news of Mary's appointment as TCU's new University Registrar. There is no doubt that the TCU administration has exercised incredibly good judgement in this decision. Mary has already made an impressive mark in our profession, and we know she will continue to expand on it.

My very best wishes to you as you head into your year of research support to the Provost, and then as you and Ann move into retirement. Our profession and association will miss you.

I appreciate all your wise advice over the last 26 years, and thank you for your willingness to discuss any issue I threw at you, at any time. You never once complained when I called your cell phone with some question and you were in a meeting or facing some deadline.

Although we have had numerous discussions during conference sessions, at conference meals, in hospitality rooms, at hotel bars and on the golf course, I still easily remember our first discussion in the hotel bar at the Orlando SACRAO conference in 1988. As I recall you had recently moved into the Registrar's role from IR, and I knew right away that you'd be an excellent registrar and a great resource to whom to bounce questions.

Pat, congratulations on a stellar career! Mary, best wishes as your career shifts into a new gear.



John Hall
University Registrar
Southern Methodist University

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I am very pleased to share good news!

Mary Kincannon will be TCU University Registrar beginning October 1.

She will be superb!  TCU is very fortunate to have a person with her dedication, intelligence and decency to lead the Office of the Registrar.

I'm sure most know Mary from TACRAO and her service as SACRAO president.  If you don't know her you will enjoy getting to know her.

I am copying Mary so you can offer your condolences.

Best wishes


Patrick Miller
Registrar and Director of Enrollment Management

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