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Irene Robinson IRobinson at alvincollege.edu
Tue May 5 09:51:57 CDT 2015

In most of our cases, the last name is different (marriage, divorce, adoption, etc.) and those are easily reconciled if/when the student discloses their former name on the application.  However, I have had a student who had the full name and gender changed and I required documentation.

In your case, when the entire name is different, how do you know which document is the correct one; the transcript with the same SSN or the application with the same SSN – how can you be sure this is not an identity theft situation.

To safeguard yourself/institution and the identity of the student, I would require to see a legal document indicating the name change and use it to reconcile the records.

Hope this helps.

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If you are concerned that she may not be who she claims to be, I would ask to see a current Social Security printout.  Whatever that says is who she is regardless of what she wants to be called.  How she got to that name is irrelevant as long as you know who she IS now.  If there has been a legal name change and she hasn't changed her SS record, I still would stay with the SS record.  In this as in every other area, Uncle Sam rules.

My perspective.

Sandra Clay
Director of Admissions
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Sandra Clay
Director of Admissions
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On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 9:29 AM, Jacqueline Hefley <jhefley at austinseminary.edu<mailto:jhefley at austinseminary.edu>> wrote:
Occasionally, we have a student apply (and matriculate) who reports a name in the application that has no connection to names on transcripts from previous schools.
The SSNs (when available) on the transcripts match the self-reported SSN in the application, but the names, first, middle, and last, on those transcripts, do not match the full name in the application.

Do any of you ask for a record of the name change? In this case, if there were any way to connect the old names with the current name (e.g., mapping the name changes through the documents), I wouldn’t worry.
And, in this case, there might be a court order documenting the change. Or, the student could have rebranded herself by informally taking on a new name. Do you ask for documentation to determine whether the change was legal?


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