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Jacqueline Hefley jhefley at austinseminary.edu
Tue May 5 09:29:56 CDT 2015

Occasionally, we have a student apply (and matriculate) who reports a name in the application that has no connection to names on transcripts from previous schools.
The SSNs (when available) on the transcripts match the self-reported SSN in the application, but the names, first, middle, and last, on those transcripts, do not match the full name in the application.

Do any of you ask for a record of the name change? In this case, if there were any way to connect the old names with the current name (e.g., mapping the name changes through the documents), I wouldn't worry.
And, in this case, there might be a court order documenting the change. Or, the student could have rebranded herself by informally taking on a new name. Do you ask for documentation to determine whether the change was legal?


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