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The 4th largest city is proud to host the 2015 TACRAO Conference November 8th -11th 2015 (Reaching New Heights: Through Innovation, Imagination, & Collaboration) at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in beautiful downtown Houston. This year's event will provide admissions, enrollment, recruitment,  registrars and other student services staff the opportunity to network, gain knowledge, receive updates, discuss best practices, and battle for the best region! Downtown Houston is home to dramatic 20th Century skyscrapers housing the offices where many of downtown's 140,000 workers are employed, a world-class Theater District, a growing residential population, a popular nightlife scene centered in the Historic District, world class restaurants, light rail, an enhanced convention center and numerous new hotels. We look forward to seeing you in Houston!

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Houston LAC Co-Chairs

Allison Dragon - 713-467-5100
Latoya Whitaker - 713-798-3098

Thank You
Ms. Afrah F. Hassan, M.Ed
Enrollment Service Officer
afrah.hassan1 at hccs.edu<https://webmail.hccs.edu/owa/redir.aspx?C=aa6401c3bfd6483897cd7644001ac76d&URL=https%3a%2f%2fwebmail.hccs.edu%2fowa%2fredir.aspx%3fC%3d0e8a60b53d9a404d81e92fa4c93a7122%26URL%3dmailto%253aafrah.hassan1%2540hccs.edu> (Preferred method of contact)

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