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Jeffrey Rhodes jeff.rhodes at utrgv.edu
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When we implemented DegreeWorks, we discovered that there was no way to automate core completion if a student completed the core at another Texas institution.  And the problem is even bigger when the core at the originating institution differs from ours.  As a result, in our localization, we added the core complete date from SZAPGMS to the student data header.

This provides us a flag to indicate to the advisor that the core was completed elsewhere.

Next, because there may still be missing coursework in the core, we have to manually force complete the core and/or post substitutions.

In order to ensure that the degree plans are up to date, we have a team of student workers, and one of their tasks is to run a list of students who have had a core complete date entered in SZAPGMS within the past week.  They then log in to DegreeWorks and post the core completion and update the student's degree plan.

Yes, it's manual, but it also allows us to make sure that DegreeWorks is operating well.  We are able to catch issues, usually before we hear from advisors "DegreeWorks isn't working."  And as I reminded our advisors, DegreeWorks is a course selection tool.  It is NOT intended to replace the advisor or the critical eye of a program auditor in the Registrar's Office.


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Hi all,

We too are a Banner and DW school. We have several items in place, but at the end of the day the most important item is ensuring that all your transfer work is entered correctly.

1.      SHATRNS - we make sure that the attributes are awarded to the individual student.

2.     SGASADD - we enter a student attribute of TCOR.

3.     In DegreeWorks we call for this Student attribute as a Rule in the degree block so that we can see if the student was in fact Core Complete at a transfer institution. Now - Ellucian wanted to waive core when this happened, we did not like that so we took that piece out :)

4.     We are currently working on a way to recognize TCOR and automatically waive the additional hours that we TTU may require. For example - several schools only require 3 hours of MATH - we require 6. Well if they were Core Complete at their In State public then we would waive the additional 3 hours.

Right now - we are cleaning up our Core and so we have some things being reorganized but scribing for attributes is your best bet and ensuring that your SHATRANS and SHATATR records are up to date.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Nicci -

Can you see message below and see if you can assist? Or do you have issues too?


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Subject: RE: Core complete

Nicci (our Degree Works track chair)

From: Paige Bussell [mailto:Paige.Bussell at tamuc.edu]
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To: Brown, Bobbie
Subject: FW: Core complete

Bobbie -

Who does degreeworks at Tech?


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We are both Degree Works and Banner and would like to have an answer to this question as well.  In addition, I am very interested in your method for marking students who transfer in as core complete.  Would you be able to explain your process?  Thanks.

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Subject: [TACRAO] Listserv Core complete

Good morning!  This question applies to schools who use both Banner and DegreeWorks.  We currently have a procedure for marking students who transfer in as core complete but we are finding a few issues with it.  I am wondering what other schools are using to mark a student in Banner who transfers in core complete so DegreeWorks can then properly pick up that they are indeed core complete.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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