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Angela, this is not going to be helpful as you seek best in practice, but you might find it amusing for light summer reading fun...

At SMU, it isn't just the students with name issues...
This May we had a faculty Commencement Marshal whose professional name is Squirrel and we were told by his academic area that this is how he should be listed in the Commencement Program --- Squirrel.
They said he is internationally known in the digital gaming world as Squirrel and that this is how all his students know him.
So we compromised and listed him in the program as Brian "Squirrel" Eiserloh.
Admittedly, Brian is not as flashy as Squirrel to digital gamers.
I also had rebutted that I was known for some squirrely opinions in my profession, but preferred to not be identified that way in programs.

Hope you are having a relaxing summer.


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UT Tyler uses only the student's official name on file with the University for both commencement and the main batch of diplomas sent out to newly conferred students. If an alumnus want a copy using a different name they can order a duplicate/replacement diploma with their name formatted as they wish.

Here are links to the relevant websites where we post that data for students:



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This year we had several students submit alternate names that were not readily identifiable as the student in our system.  If you have a policy or wording regarding diploma names, I would appreciate you sharing that information with me.

Hope you have a great weekend,

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