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Irene Robinson IRobinson at alvincollege.edu
Fri Jun 5 11:53:43 CDT 2015

It sounds like she a deferred action individual.

In speaking to Jane Caldwell about a similar student a while back, she stated that the THECB hadn't ruled exactly how to determine status for these classifications, but did state that this would still be a case of somehow establishing a domicile.

Our student withdrew for other reasons, so I didn't have to go any further.

Post back on what others respond.

Irene Robinson
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On Jun 5, 2015, at 11:48 AM, Higgins, Brandon J. <brandon.higgins at texarkanacollege.edu<mailto:brandon.higgins at texarkanacollege.edu>> wrote:

We are trying to work with a student who indicated on their application that they are a Citizen of Mexico but that they hold permanent residence status here. After she brought in documentation, it seems as though she was a little confused when answering the questions. She brought us an employment authorization card (which she thought was her permanent residence card), along with her SS card which notes it’s valid for work only. She claims she doesn’t have any other documentation.

The student graduated from a Texas high school back in 2005 and says she’s been here since she was 3 months old. Being a relative newbie to residency in general, I’m just curious as to how your institution would approach this situation. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Brandon Higgins, MBA
Director of Advising and Registration
Texarkana College

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