[TACRAO] Listserv Refunds

Diana Rubio drubio at laredo.edu
Mon Jul 20 12:49:46 CDT 2015

Good Afternoon, all!
I would truly appreciate any response regarding refunds.
Our administration would like to know how you handle refunds for:

Students that have paid all their tuition and fees but have never attended classes as of the census date
(We have an attendance policy that states that any student who has not attended at least on class day up to the census date, will be dropped by the instructor.  We refund the student a percentage based on the refund schedule)

Students that did not pay their tuition and fees up to the census date
(We drop students for non-payment and "cancel" their registration so that their balance is 0 [zero] and they owe nothing.)

Thank you in advance for any feedback you can give me.

Diana Rubio
College Registrar
Laredo Community College
Office of the Registrar, Lerma-Pena 160
West End Washington St  Laredo, Texas 78040
956.721-5861  Fax: 956.764-5974


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