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TACRAO membership,

I am writing today to share with you the official letter which was sent on behalf of TACRAO to the Texas Attorney General on July 1 concerning high school diploma mills.  In spite of the previous efforts of the Office of the Attorney General to aggressively pursue and restrict the activities of these unscrupulous, yet profitable, enterprises they unfortunately remain rampant throughout Texas and frequently continue their operations as new entities.  At any rate, these activities continue to victimize people of all ages who are most vulnerable as well as those who seek an easy pathway beyond their prior academic shortfalls.

At the direction of the TACRAO Executive Committee, an ad hoc committee of highly qualified higher education professionals from within our ranks was tasked to review the current state of affairs and develop recommendations for the TACRAO membership to address these issues with their home institutions.  The attached letter represents a summary of the committee's efforts.  A copy of this letter can also be found on the TACRAO website at http://www.tacrao.org/documents. Additionally, the committee will be presenting their report at the upcoming TACRAO Community College Issues meeting in Austin later this week.  I present this summary to you on their behalf.

The ad hoc committee is comprised of the following individuals:

*         Co-Chairs Irene Robinson (Alvin) and Matthew Hebbard (South Texas)

*         Diane Brice (Amarillo)

*         David Edwards (Navarro)

*         Dr. Wanda Munson (San Jacinto)

*         Joan Rondot (San Jacinto)

On behalf of the entire TACRAO membership, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of this committee for their excellent efforts to articulate the associated problems and provide worthwhile recommendations and guidelines.  As new developments arise and we hear back from the AG, I will try to keep the entire membership informed on any progress that we achieve.


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