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If the personally identifiable information is redacted, and the total number is not so small as to make indirect identification feasible, then you could release it and be FERPA compliant.  But you have to ensure you aren't releasing other information along with it that, when put all together, could end up identifying the student or students.

For example, if the group of students is five students all of the same major, and everyone knows that major only has those five students, then no, I would not release it.  I would especially not release it if the list contained even more information like gender and previous school.  Because then you care essentially giving them enough information to figure out who got what grade.

If the group is 50 freshmen in a developmental course, with nothing else included, then I probably would.

It's a gray area, and it's a judgement call.  You just have to feel confident that what you cumulatively release can't be used to identify the students.

Hope that helps.

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Good afternoon TACRAOans,

Does anyone know if de-identification of PII permits the release of non-directory information under FERPA?  Specifically, can we release grades for groups of students to a third party if the PII is removed?

My answer is no due to FERPA and the fact that grades are part of the student record and requires written consent unless it falls under an exception such as audit/evaluation.  This request does not.

Thank you for your insights,


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