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I interpret this to be a tuition waiver as it located on the Apply Texas website as a Type of Financial Aid-Waiver.  This does not become a residency determination until the student meets the residency requirements of establishing a domicile in Texas.

We would treat it as a waiver issue and grant it accordingly.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

               I am hoping for some input on a military residency question. I have a spouse of a military member (member is stationed out of state in the reserves), who is asking if she qualifies for resident in-state tuition based on the Texas Education Code 54.241 (g), http://www.collegeforalltexans.com/apps/financialaid/tofa2.cfm?ID=405. She will not be using federal or state VA/military educational benefits.

The provided link will take you to the College for All Texans webpage that has a blurb about this rule and further links to the entire text.

"(g)  If a member of the Armed Forces of the United States is stationed outside Texas and the member's spouse or child establishes residence in Texas by residing in Texas and by filing with the Texas institution of higher education at which the spouse or child plans to register a letter of intent to establish residence in Texas, the institution of higher education shall permit the spouse or child to pay the tuition, fees, and other charges provided for Texas residents without regard to length of time that the spouse or child has resided in Texas."

               The student is the spouse of a reserve military member and we are trying to figure out how this rule applies to her situation. The rule seems to indicate that the spouse needs to affirm she wants to become a resident and she will be granted in-state tuition with a waiver. Our hesitation stems from the idea that this rule seems to contradict all the other rules in place within the Texas Education Code for active military and veterans.

               Your guidance and input is appreciated.



Winston Matranga
Veterans Affairs Coordinator

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