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Lorena Rios lorenar at laredo.edu
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Morning Susan,
We use Banner for our continuing education courses under the quarter terms.  We setup terms in STVTERM and use SOATERM using the same process to open terms as for the academic terms.  We also use SFAESTS and SFARSTS to activate registration
For quarter terms, we use:
201611 - Quarter I
201621 - Quarter II
201631 - Quarter III
201641 - Quarter IV

For academic terms, we use:
201610 - Fall
201620 - Spring
201630 - SSI
201640 - SSII

The only problem we are currently experiencing and trying to find a solution is in the Admissions Area with the SGASTDN records.  Some of these issues are the following:

·         A good common matching needs to be perform before creating a person in Banner to avoid duplication of PIDMS.

·         We use SAQUICK to create the PERSON and then create an admissions decision for the SGASTDN record to be created under a different level "Q" for quarter.  The problem is that the SGASTDN is created from current quarter term to end of time 999999.

·         On the academic year, If a student is out for more than one year, an admissions hold is placed and he/she needs to be reapply for admissions, but the SGASTDN record remains open to end of time 999999.  This is also causing a lot of issues.

If there's another school who has a better process, please contact me.  We are reviewing our current processes to solve all these issues.

Susan, feel free to give me a call.  If you need assistance on the set up of the non-credit courses.

Lorena Rios
Assistant Registrar - Office of the Registrar
Laredo Community College
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For Banner Schools-

Do you have non credit (continuing education) in Banner?
Do you have an external product that manages this for you? (like Elevate or Flex Reg?)
If no, how do you set up the non credit terms in Banner?
                Do you use 1000 terms instead of 2000 terms?
                Do you have a non credit term "in between" your credit terms? (i.e. if 201501 is the spring term and 201506 is the summer term, non credit would be 201503).
Do you use the SAME term as the credit term, but use a separate "type" (i.e. NC or CE to keep the non credit classes separate from the credit?)

Basically we are trying to figure out the best way to do this and are looking to see what others have done.

If you've done the one we're seriously thinking about, I might contact you and ask you more questions. :)
Have a good weekend!

Susan Stoker, Ph.D.
Box T-0620 | Tarleton State University | Stephenville, TX 76402
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