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McDonald, Hannah K h.mcdonald at tamuct.edu
Thu Sep 25 09:57:59 CDT 2014

How does your school handle drops and withdrawals over multiple parts of term?

If a student is registered for 1st and 2nd parts of term over a full term, and they drop classes in the first semester before the census date, then comes back later and wants to cancel preregistration for 2nd 8 weeks, how does your institution handle this?

Is it handled as a withdrawal or drop or nothing?

How does this affect the student if they have financial aid?

Do you have this policy in your catalog?

Same questions if students drop their 1st part of term classes after census date.

Thank you,

Hannah McDonald
Assistant Registrar
Texas A&M University-Central Texas
1001 Leadership Place|Killeen, Tx 76549
Founder's Hall Rm 108 |254.519.5454

h.mcdonald at tamuct.edu

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