[TACRAO] Listserv Certification of Completion of Courses Equivalent to the Recommended High School Program

Paola Fernandez pfernandez at tamut.edu
Thu Sep 18 11:15:08 CDT 2014

Hello All,


We are reviewing our admission process in regards to freshman applicants
who graduate from an out of state high school, private or home school.
Our questions are geared towards the requirement to submit the
certificate of course completion equivalent to the recommended high
school program and admitting under TEC 51.805 - Other Admission.


Your answers to the following questions would be very helpful to us:


1.    Do you require the document before you can make an admission

2.    If you do not require it at the point of admission, at what point
in the enrollment process do you require the document to be submitted? 

3.    Are they given a timeframe to submit it before they are withdrawn
or allowed to register for another semester?

4.    Have you admitted an out of state high school graduate under one
of the factors under TEC 51.805 - Other Admissions and not require the
certificate of course completion? Meaning that one or multiple factors
was/is sufficient enough to replace the document.

5.    If you have, have you seen an increase in making quicker admission
decisions that lead to an increase in enrollment?

6.    Other helpful information.


Thank you for taking the time out to respond to our questions. If you
would like to reply to me directly my email is below.







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