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Martha Fothergill Mfothergill at hputx.edu
Thu Sep 18 09:18:50 CDT 2014

We are reviewing our methods for processing of, and delivery of, official transcripts. Specifically our questions deal with students who are not local and are unable to come to our office to pick up their transcripts and they are sending in their request forms.

Your response with answers to the following would be very helpful.

1)      Approximate time frame for completion of request (from receipt of request form to sending transcript)

2)      Do you ever "rush" the clearing process for a student, and if so do you charge an additional fee? How much?

3)      If you are willing to "rush" the clearing process, and electronic delivery is not possible, are you willing to send the transcript "overnight" via FedEX.  If so, what are the charges involved?

4)      If you are willing to "overnight" transcripts, do you have the ability to do this via your campus mail service or must someone from your office make a special trip to a FedEX provider?

5)      Any other information you feel would be helpful to us?

Your time to respond is very much appreciated.

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