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Would community colleges please reply with your process or information
to these three questions, please?


1.	Transfer work - do you have or use an automated system (speede,
or other) to capture and transcript transfer hours when the student
transfers to your institution? At what point do you put transfer credit
on your college's transcript?  We had an automation process when we
imported the SPEEDE transcripts but had issues with some things so we
have stopped using the automated process.  We have forms that a student
can fill out if they are a Financial Aid student, nursing student or a
veteran student.  These forms from these groups are priority to us to
evaluate.  Students can also fill out a form at the Admissions counter
to request their transcript to be evaluated which will speed up the wait
time from a semester to a few weeks. Once the transcripts are evaluated,
we notify the student via email.

2. Graduates/completers - are students required to petition for
graduation? Are program directors part 

of a process to insure all completers and graduates are
identified/reported?  Yes and they must meet with an advisor to have
them run a degree audit and sign their graduation application.  We will
accept their graduation application the last semester they are supposed
to complete their award.


3. When in a semester does your institution make financial aid
dispursements? After Census Day and when Financial Aid is ready.



Thanks in advance for any information you may have to share. 


Duane Durrett

Dean, Weatherford College Wise County

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