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Hi, Kristi:

My responses are highlighted below.  Any information we use for a residency classification is used only if it's in writing, so we'd need "proof" from said landlord to begin with. From there we really don't "dig" much further, per se.  We take all documents at face value and don't question or verify unless something seems overtly inaccurate or fraudulent. For reference, given our institution type, a majority of students seeking Texas residency do so via the domicile/physical presence path, including marriage to a Texas resident. Through this process we receive and review a great deal of supporting docs.

As a friendly reminder, Jane Caldwell will be at the annual conference in Waco to offer a Residency Update at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, October 29. There will also be a Hot Topics session specific to Texas residency, so everyone is welcome to bring their questions and feedback. That one takes place on Wednesday as well, at 10:20 a.m.

Have a great day,

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I would like to poll all of the residency experts and find out if you would ever :

1.       Contact a landlord to confirm dates of residence or no record of residence?  No...

2.       If the landlord confirms the student currently resides at the location would you notify the student and inform them?   We would inform them insofar as the official decision goes, whether Texas or non-Texas - but not specific to that one criterion necessarily.

3.       If the student produced documents acceptable to prove residency at another location would you accept them even if you had a confirmation from the landlord that the student currently resides at that other location?  I don't know that we'd get to that point, but we'd certainly have to cross that bridge if we get there...This might be a good one to get more details about and expand on with Jane or in the Hot Topics session.

  Kristi Cobb

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