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O'Neal, Berri berrio at ucddowntown.org
Thu May 22 11:28:07 CDT 2014

Hi TACRAO! I hope your Spring semester went well!

The regional editors and I are looking forward to bringing your Summer Newsletter to you!

So don't miss an opportunity to have your news shared with all of your colleagues and friends around the state! We'd love to hear from all of you!

Won't it be wonderful to sit back and take a break for a few minutes from the start of the summer semester with news from all of your colleagues and friends?

If you have any news to share (promotion, new job, wedding, baby, retirement!), please email your news to your Regional Editor by Tuesday, June 3rd!

Your editors are:

Dali Hatanville                    NTACRAO (North Texas)               dali.hatanville at tamuc.edu<mailto:dali.hatanville at tamuc.edu>
Andrea Rangel                  WTACRAO (West Texas)               arangel at southplainscollege.edu<mailto:arangel at southplainscollege.edu>
Laura Divine                      SETACRAO (Southeast Texas)     ldivine at com.edu<mailto:ldivine at com.edu>
Jeremy Thomas                ETACRAO (East Texas)                   jthomas at angelina.edu<mailto:jthomas at angelina.edu>
Dustie Hamilton                CTACRAO (Central Texas)             dlhamilton at mclennan.edu<mailto:dlhamilton at mclennan.edu>
Brandy Garcia                    STACRAO (South Texas)                bvalle at uiwtx.edu<mailto:bvalle at uiwtx.edu>

Thank you all so much, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Berri O'Neal
Executive Director
Universities Center at Dallas
1901 Main Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Higher Education in the Heart of Downtown Dallas
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