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Hi Susan,

Answers from UTEP are below.



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We at Tarleton are benchmarking how other schools do their scheduling. If you could please answer the questions if you are a school that has 10,000 or more Headcount. Thanks!
(And this is not about scheduling rooms, only putting the schedule into the computer system)

1)      How many people are at your school?  23,000 students

2)     Is your scheduling centralized (done in one office) or decentralized (spread out on campus) or a mixture (some departments do some parts of the scheduling, but most is done in one office?)  We have a mixture.  We roll from the previous like term and provide departments with Platinum Analytics (Ad Astra) data to assist departments in their planning.  We have a period of time during which departments may enter scheduling changes in a Banner self-service application.  After that editing period closes, we have staff in Enrollment Services who use Ad Astra to make room assignments and who make any changes to sections from that point forward.

3)      If centralized, how many people do you have inputting the schedule and making changes?  We have 1.5 FTE in Enrollment Services.

4)     Do you use an external program/software to help with scheduling? (i.e. Courseleaf WEN or Ad Astra or something)  We use Ad Astra.

5)     If you use Banner, and you are decentralized or have a mixture, what do you give departments access to in Banner? SSASECT – All of it? Parts of it? Etc  For our "decentralized" period, departments do not have access to INB directly.  They have access to a Banner self-service application.  Information entered in self-service is applied to SSASECT etc. as appropriate.  Departments do retain access to SIAASGN through Census Day to update instructor assignments as appropriate.

Any info you all can give would be helpful as we look at our own processes and try to make them more effective. Thanks.


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