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We at Tarleton are benchmarking how other schools do their scheduling. If you could please answer the questions if you are a school that has 10,000 or more Headcount. Thanks!
(And this is not about scheduling rooms, only putting the schedule into the computer system)

1)       How many people are at your school?  18,500

2)     Is your scheduling centralized (done in one office) or decentralized (spread out on campus) or a mixture (some departments do some parts of the scheduling, but most is done in one office?)  Centralized sprinkled with a little decentralization. We have 6 administrative assistants that input the schedule.  These individuals work with Admissions and Records and the Academic Deans for schedule input information.

3)      If centralized, how many people do you have inputting the schedule and making changes?  6 administrative assistants. The AA's report to Academic Areas but have been designated for schedule build.

4)     Do you use an external program/software to help with scheduling? (i.e. Courseleaf WEN or Ad Astra or something)  We are in the very beginning stages of Ad Astra implementation

5)     If you use Banner, and you are decentralized or have a mixture, what do you give departments access to in Banner? SSASECT - All of it? Parts of it? Etc. The AA's have maintenance access to SSASECT, SZASXRF, SZACXRF, SCACRSE.

Blinn just went to more centralized scheduling this past spring semester.  We will continue with this practice for the next academic year.  I highly recommend that if you have been decentralized and are moving to centralization that you meet with the major parties that have scheduled courses to see how they have been scheduling.  Never assume you know how the schedule was built.  We have 2 meetings before each schedule build.  The first meeting is a review of how to build a schedule and to tweak whatever processes need tweaking before the next build begins and to communicate any new changes.  The second meeting is used to start the schedule build to make sure the division of labor is appropriate, as well as to answer any questions that arise.  Have firm deadlines for when the schedule is submitted, when the final edits should be completed and when you plan to release the schedule to the students.

Any info you all can give would be helpful as we look at our own processes and try to make them more effective. Thanks.


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