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Sam Carrell SCarrell at uttyler.edu
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Good afternoon everyone.

We have been asked to review our policies covering commencement regalia other than honor cords for Summa/Magna/Cum Laude (which we confer on stage). As part of that we have been tasked with looking into how other Texas campuses, in particular other UT System schools, handle students wanting to walk at commencement with regalia items other than those honor cords (IE. Greek stoles, decorated mortar boards, society medallions, etc.). Any responses provided to the questions below would be greatly appreciated.

Ø  Is there a formal policy in place regarding commencement regalia on your campus? If so:

o   Is the text of that policy available on your website, and if so would you share a link?

o   What office(s) is/are charged with enforcing the policy?

Ø  What types of other regalia, if any, are allowed? If any are allowed:

o   Are these items limited to only those from academic organizations such as Alpha Chi, or are items from non-academic organizations like sororities/fraternities allowed?

Ø  Are students able to bring their other regalia items with them, or are those items distributed at the commencement ceremonies?

o   If the items are distributed prior to the ceremonies, what office(s) is/are charged with collecting/distributing those items to students?

Ø  Is decoration of mortar boards regulated and/or prohibited?

Ø  If these other items are not allowed, how does your institution address students who arrive at the commencement ceremonies with banned cords/stoles/medallions, etc.?


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