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Jenkins, Robert Robert.Jenkins at uth.tmc.edu
Thu Mar 13 10:22:44 CDT 2014

Thanks TACRAO for a solid response to the transcript questions posted on Wednesday.  As promised, I will get the updated spreadsheet back out in the coming days.

We need your expertise on another issue near and dear to registrars.........Changing a student's name in the student system.  Many of us have lived through the days (and I am still living in that place) when a student's name in the student system was equal to it being carved in stone.  Once recorded, a name would not get changed without appropriate court documents and additional scrutiny.

Here are the questions.  At your institution:

1.       Can anyone outside of the Registrar's Office change a student/alumni name in the student system?

2.       If yes, are all users allowed to make name changes or only users in specific depts.(Fin Aid, Bursar)?

3.       What documentation do you require to change a name in the student system?

4.       If others outside of the RO are allowed to make name changes, then are quality control measures in place to ensure proper documentation was obtained? Or does the RO get automated notification of all name changes?

Thanks for your time and have a fun day!

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