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We have centralized transcript evaluation.  Last year we had @49,000 transfer students, and total student population of @79,000.  We have eight full time and two part time transcript evaluators.  We also have a Manager of the Transcript Evaluation Center who assigns the transcripts each week.  We serve seven separately accredited colleges, who by collaborative agreement, share the same transcript.
After a transcript evaluator has worked in the central location for three years, they are eligible to telecommute.  All now telecommute except one and she starts in June.  The production level, quality level and job satisfaction are much higher when they telecommute.  We have the data to support it. We have been doing it for 11 years now.
One last note...the Registrars at the seven colleges may override any decision made by the TEC, we just ask that notes are made in Colleague (Ellucian).
Nancy Faris
District Director of Academic and Student Records
1601 South Lamar
Dallas, Tx.  75215
214.378.1766 (office)
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Sorry community colleges I've had lots of questions for you all recently!  How many of you have a centralized transcript evaluation process vs. a decentralized one (done at individual campuses/locations)?  Thanks!

Connie Garrick
System Director of Student Records/Registrar
Lone Star College System - University Park
20515 SH 249  UP1104
Houston, TX 77070

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