[TACRAO] Listserv Questions For Community Colleges

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Weatherford College is the same.

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See below for Texarkana College's responses.

Kristi Cobb
Texarkana College
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Texarkana College
A great place to start...or start over!

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Good Morning,

I'm going to try this post again and apologize for the reply to all yesterday.

I have two questions about degree requirements and degree plans for community colleges:

1.       Does your institution allow students to use WECM courses to fulfill elective requirements for transfer degrees such as the AA, AS...?

WECM courses are allowed as electives on AAS automatically.  They may be used on the AA and AS with Dean approval only.

2.       Our institution offers "pre" degree plans for A.A.S. degrees programs with an admissions process (i.e., ADN, Respiratory Care, Veterinary Technology, etc.). As you know with the new financial aid rules, students are no longer able to receive financial aid with a "pre" degree plan. Have you created a "local needs" workforce degree plan to solve this problem?  We place our pre-nursing majors under the AA in General Studies until they are fully admitted in the RN program.  They are advised on this plan to complete the required prerequisite courses for the RN program and our FA office has been satisfied with this solution.

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Holly Surginer
Assistant Registrar
McLennan Community College
1400 College Drive
Waco, TX  76708
254-299-8631 - Office
254-299-6210 - Fax
hsurginer at mclennan.edu<mailto:hsurginer at mclennan.edu>
graduation contact: graduation at mclennan.edu<mailto:graduation at mclennan.edu>

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