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Paige Bussell Paige.Bussell at tamuc.edu
Tue Sep 26 12:56:48 CDT 2023

Hello TACRAO Friends and Colleagues 😊

Below are the proposed Bylaw changes/corrections that will be presented for discussion at the 2023 TACRAO conference at the Town Hall meeting on Monday, October 30.
03:50 PM  -  05:00 PM   •   Palomino

They will then be presented to the members to be  voted on at the Wednesday Breakfast meeting.
10:00 AM  -  12:00 PM   •   Chilton/Kincaid Ballrooms

Amendment to Bylaw Article III – Committees,  Section 2

  1.  Change the first sentence to read “Standing committees will be appointed by the Executive Committee with the following membership guidelines.
                (Remove reference to Number of committees – currently says There shall be Nineteen)

  1.  Combine the University Issues and Senior College Issues into one committee and name it the Summer Meeting.
Remove Section 2. e. University Issues
Remove Section 2. v. Senior College Issues
Add Section 2 p. Summer Meeting  (Combining 2.e and 2.v.)
This committee will have 2 co-chairs and four to five members. Each member will serve a total of three years.
with last as co-chair. This committee will plan the summer meeting.  Remove:  financial responsibility

  1.  Correct Section 2. h. to read third year of the term for HS Relations members

  1.  Amend Section 2. q. Technology. There will be three members of the committee each serving a three- year term with a balanced number of  members rotating each off year each year. The Chair will be appointed by the Executive Committee and will serve a three-year term.
Remove: A representative for the SPEEDE server at UT Austin may serve in an ex officio capacity (added November 2008). The Technology Committee coordinates the Texas SPEEDE Users’ Group summer conference (November 2011).

Here is the proposed Constitution update:
Constitution Update

  *   Amend Article III Section 1. d.
The active members shall conduct matters of Association business. They shall nominate and elect officers who, constituting the Executive Committee, shall conduct all Association business assigned to them. Only designated active members shall be eligible to serve as officers, to serve on committees, or to be listed in the Association directory.

Thank you,

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