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Cioci, Nickolaus Alan nickolaus.cioci at tsu.edu
Wed Sep 6 09:19:53 CDT 2023

Hello all,

This is another question for the Banner schools in the group.

We currently allow students to preregister for courses before the semester has ended. For example, students can register for Summer/Fall before the Spring semester has ended.
However, the end of term for Spring has not ran and after it does students academic standing from the current term (Spring) may land them on academic suspension. We are running into an issue that these students are remaining registered for the next semesters available (Summer/Fall) even though they landed on academic suspension. Does anyone know a way to purge these students from their preregistered courses through Banner?

(Currently our practice is to run an Argos report and have the department email the students asking them to appeal their suspension. It is also the department's responsibility currently to inform the Registrar's office of the students on suspension from these reports so we can drop their preregistered courses. Just looking to see if there are any better practices out there?)


Nickolaus Cioci, Ed.D.
Dean of Records
Bell Building Room 237

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