[TACRAO] Listserv Cadence/Mongoose

Kate Richardson krichardson at nctc.edu
Thu Oct 26 18:49:50 CDT 2023

NCTC uses Mongoose and loves it!  If you have questions about it, reach out to Jennifer Beal at jbeal at nctc.edu<mailto:jbeal at nctc.edu>.


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Hi Callie,

McLennan uses Mongoose and it's been great.  Happy to connect you with our administrator if you have questions.

Amanda Straten
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astraten at mclennan.edu<mailto:astraten at mclennan.edu> |studentadmissions at mclennan.edu<mailto:studentadmissions at mclennan.edu>|international-admissions at mclennan.edu<mailto:international-admissions at mclennan.edu>

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Good Morning!

Kilgore College is in the early stages of implementing a new texting platform. If your institution uses Cadence/Mongoose, please let me know. I would love to chat!

Callie Blakeley
Director of Admissions
Devall Student Center/Building 1
(903) 983-8216
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