[TACRAO] Listserv Digital and Printed Diploma Cost

Justin Schilke jschilke at rice.edu
Tue Jan 25 12:42:37 CST 2022

We charge $50 for a paper diploma re-order.


All students graduating 2013-14 to present receive digital diplomas that are
available through self-service automatically, so they don't need to re-order
them. If an alum who graduated prior to 2013-14 wants one, it would be $50
to issue it.


We also provide a facsimile diploma option for official document purposes,
and those are $20 each. (It's smaller than our regular diplomas, on
different paper, and has slightly different signatures.)



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Hello everyone!


I wanted to get an idea of what other universities are charging for diploma
reorders.  If you school provides a digital diploma, what does your
institution charge to re-issue the digital diploma?


Any feedback is appreciated!




Alex Holt

Assistant Registrar 



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