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Thu Jan 6 13:07:08 CST 2022


I spoke with quite a few of you at the TACRAO conference in reference to CRMs and got some feedback on the CRM you use and am reaching out to seek detailed info because we are currently looking at switching over from TargetX to Ellucian Recruit & Advise due to our SIS, Ellucian Colleague. For those that use Ellucian CRM Recruit:
Did you have a CRM prior to Ellucian CRM Recruit?
What do you like the most about Ellucian Recruit/Advise?
What did you find to be the biggest challenge?
What don't you like about it as a daily user?
What does it lack, fall short compared to other CRMs you have used in the past?
Have you noticed a high rate of bogus apps since the apps are instantly imported into Colleague?
Do you utilize the Application Review option?
Do you have someone in IT that is assigned to the your area to manage the technical side of the CRM?
Does Advise have a Faculty Alert option?
Lastly, do you recommend it?

I look forward to your replies and wish y'all a Happy New Year!

Amy Williams
Director, Admissions & Recruitment
Central Texas College

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