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Jana Boatright jboatright at tamut.edu
Thu Aug 25 10:02:22 CDT 2022

Good morning,

This is for the Banner folks.  I am interested to know who is responsible for adding new faculty to your SIS so they can be assigned to course sections, as well as updating all the corresponding Banner screens for CB reporting (SIAINST and SIAFPER)?

Currently a staff member in my office is responsible for obtaining the information from HR, working with our Academic Affairs Office on credentialing matters, then once cleared enters them into Banner while also assigning them to their course sections, since the sections already exist, and STAFF is listed as a placeholder.  Sometimes this can be very overwhelming as a majority of the information comes 1-2 weeks before classes start, as it did this year.

Our Provost is wanting all of us to meet (HR, deans, faculty, Registrar staff, IT, others) to figure out a better process, but I wanted to know how other institutions are handling this process.

Please feel free to email me directly at jboatright at tamut.edu.  Thank you.

Jana Boatright

University Registrar

Texas A&M University-Texarkana

www.tamut.edu<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.tamut.edu&d=DwIFAw&c=oqyuZuih6ykib6aKiBq22_bich4AVfYGoLertJN0bEc&r=5cwyr3ZZzjmRsIsXglBYqe5YAXYFhHfS54cn-lLqj54&m=YYtkApNLlbxlrm3v2hwI6o5iF3qU950bvaZmd6AJHW0ZHXK-SKOrL62r8aLg8O94&s=qz2LSzkeaqqKOPt49DvL0NgFuaD7-Is7BJxuGzOZg1Q&e=  >

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