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Rexroat, Jodie jrexroat at dcccd.edu
Fri Apr 30 15:11:10 CDT 2021

Happy Friday TACRAO!

Sam is in the midst of Graduation preparations,  as many of you are, and so you get to hear from me this week!

The Legislature is beginning to hit a full head of steam and we saw some bills making a lot of progress while some seem destined to stay in committee.  Our first bill to pass both chambers occurred this week with HB 1325.   15 bills moved out of a '0' status in the past week and saw some movement.  The attached file is current as of 2:30PM CST today.

I will remind you that we have added a column for the Bill Stage to make it easier to follow where bills are in their journey.  This information is also included as a separate tab within the spreadsheet.

Filed, Not Yet Scheduled for First Hearing
Scheduled for Committee Hearing in First Chamber
Out of House/Senate Committee
Voted on by House/Senate
Out of Committee in Second Chamber
Voted on by Second Chamber
Governor Action
Bill Becomes Law

  *   There are currently 164 bills that remain in a '0' status
  *   The current breakdown of the 130 'in motion' bills classified in Stages 1-7 stands as follows:
     *   Stages 5-7:          1 (HB 1325)
     *   Stage 4:                5
     *   Stage 3:                52
     *   Stage 2:                30
     *   Stage 1:                42

Thank you,
Jodie Rexroat
Co- Chair, Legislative Issues Committee

Jodie Rexroat
Assistant Director-Academic Records
Dallas College
1601 S. Lamar Street
Dallas, TX 75215
(214) 378-1754
jrexroat at dcccd.edu

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