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Dara Newton dara.newton at utrgv.edu
Mon Nov 9 08:57:00 CST 2020

Message for Admissions and/or Recruitment Offices Participating in the TACRAO Virtual College Fairs

Good Morning TACRAO!

Here are a few announcements related to the TACARO Virtual College Fairs Series.  Don't forget next week is our last organized week of fairs!


  *   El Paso is joining East Texas and Gulf Coast, November 16 - 19 at night during the traditional 6pm - 8pm time frame
  *   The virtual college fair site will be available for students, high schools, and you through the FAFSA Priority Deadline - January 15th, 2021
  *   Colleges and Universities will continue to receive leads through January 15th, 2021, please continue to download your leads after the scheduled fairs have ended

New Fair Time Added Week of November 16th

  *   Plan to join students from across Texas on Friday, November 20th, 10am - 1pm.  HSR is promoting this with ALL Fair Coordinators as the last time to meet live with college reps on the site - this is not reflected on the College Day & Night Schedule on the TACRAO site (but will be added)
  *   All students who RSVP'd to attend a virtual fair during the 8 weeks of planned fairs will receive notification of the fair

Announcement from GTCF

  *   GoToCollegeFairs has been listening to our concerns as it relates to working with Transfer Students and is working very hard to help address the needs of colleges and universities, but more importantly the needs of Transfer Students.  GoToCollegeFairs announced today a way for students to share a secure file while attending a fair...think of the possibilities when working with Transfer Students (see the announcement below):

  *   Last week we pushed an update to the booths that repurposed the 'send info' icon to allow for secure file transfer.  This is useful for colleges who do counseling during the college fair and need to see documents of any kind: high school transcripts for provisional acceptance or scholarships, transfer credits for a transfer fairs, financial aid forms, etc.  This is also useful for other types of fairs which some of you are hosting, like financial aid or college application workshops.  This new feature utilizes the free service WeTransfer.com.  Now students can securely pass documents of any kind, live during the college fair.  Attached info/instructions.
Spring 2021 Transfer Fairs

  *   HSR is working on finalizing the Spring Schedule and what that will look like.  HSR's goal is to share the spring schedule in December
  *   Please hold the original dates as outlined on the TACARO Weeks

TACARO Virtual College Fair Numbers
Here is what we look like to date:

Leads Created







Fall 2019*
Fall 2020
10,494 bulk upload from HS Counselors
0 bulk upload
65,272 created by students
78764 created by students

We hope you have a great conference and while we are sad not to see everyone in person, we are excited to see you virtually this week!


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