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Matthew S. Hebbard mshebbar at southtexascollege.edu
Tue May 26 11:34:33 CDT 2020

Good morning TACRAOans,

I hope everyone is doing well during this difficult time.  Have any of your institutions developed procedures yet for students who test positive for COVID-19?  I have learned in my calls to our local county health departments that the state Department of Health receives all COVID-19 swab tests and handles contact tracing.

Has anyone discussed what you will do when you have a positive student case on-campus?  In the past with TB, the County Health offices notify us and by then have already worked with the student to self-quarantine.  Does anyone know if this process will be similar for COVID-19 and what we will need to inform other faculty and students?

If a student self-discloses, will you be counseling the student to self-isolate and seek medical advice or will you mandate it? If you mandate, how will you enforce it?

Thank you for your insights.


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