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We do the same as TWU and in addition have implemented an FX (failure due to non-attendance).

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The state auditor’s office considers these unofficial withdrawals and there is an expectation that we report them to the NSLDS/NSC as withdrawn with an effective date of the last day of attendance.  And by expectation I mean we get written up in the audit as being out of compliance if we don’tt.

We update the Clearinghouse manually but we keep the F grade on the record in our system.  We do not administratively withdraw them.


Bobby Lothringer
University Registrar
Texas Woman’s University
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Subject: [TACRAO] Listserv Enrollment Reporting

Good afternoon TACRAO!

We have students who earned grades of F but stopped attending class mid-semester.   Our Financial Aid Office calculates an R2T4 as of the last date of attendance for these students.

This semester, they have asked the Registrar's Office to go back and edit enrollment status on National Student Clearinghouse Reports to reflect withdrawal as of the last date of attendance.


  *   Which Registrars out there do this?
  *   Do you update your SIS Registration Form to reflect withdrawal (without a request from the student or faculty member to withdraw)?
  *   If you don't update your SIS, do you process manually in Clearinghouse?
Thank you!

Nohemi Gallarzo

Registration and Records
The University of Texas at El Paso
500 W. University Ave.
El Paso, TX 79968
Office: 915-747-7324
Fax: 915-747-8764

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