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Good morning, Dr. Vasquez-Vicario, and Happy New Year.

If I am understanding the situation you have described correctly, I believe (TEC) Section 54.057 underscores the procedural outlining that you would care to implement.

I believe the student maintains liability in circumstances where the inaccurate classification has resulted on account of the information that they have provided or have failed to provide.

I'm not sure if any others concur.



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Happy New Year, TACRAO!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! A residency question for you this morning.

Based on Texas Education Code (TEC) Section 54.056(b), we know that if we misclassify a resident as a non-resident, we are required to retroactively correct the error, including refund of payment equal to the difference between resident and out-of-state tuition.

Does this also apply to students who are out-of-state students but submit documentation to receive in-state tuition rates (for example students from bordering counties, etc.)? Or can the institution impose a "deadline" of sorts for out-of-state students who are eligible for in-state waivers?

Thanks so much!


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