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Our decision would be based in-part on receipt (or not) of financial aid and whether the drop in hours would create a change in time status that may have affected the amount of aid disbursed and/or owed back to the institution depending on effective date. If the student is not on financial aid, you may have flexibility assuming your withdrawal/drop deadline policy is institutionally driven, but opportunity as well to set precedent for your institution.

Hope this helps.

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Good afternoon,

Quick question about withdrawal policy.

I have a student who was enrolled in a course by a staff member at the university, and upon completion of all the coursework (just prior to final exams), the student realized they had already taken the course (blame is part on staff member and part on student in this situation). My question is, would you allow an administrative withdrawal (W grade) that far past the last day to drop and despite the student having completed the work? We're a PeopleSoft system, and I also have the option to call it an illegal repeat, as the student's grade the first time around was above the threshold for repeatability. I was just curious what some of you think the better option would be (or perhaps another one I'm not thinking about).

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