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Karen Clark kclark at mclennan.edu
Tue Jan 15 10:39:25 CST 2019

I have received a slightly unusual homeschool transcript.  The transcript ranges in years beginning in 1983 and ends in 2015.  Is there any age limit as to when a student cannot be home schooled?  This student would have been 47 when completing high school.  She indicated that she married as a teenager and her husband was the instructor.  Her daughter was homeschooled, and she completed her diploma along with her daughter.  The transcript lists all the right credits and needed information.  Is there any reason I cannot accept this transcript?  Should I ask for any additional documentation?

Thanks for any advice!

Karen Clark
Director, Admissions & Recruitment
McLennan Community College
kclark at mclennan.edu<mailto:kclark at mclennan.edu>

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