[TACRAO] Listserv Terminology Question

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Hi Becky,

While we don't call our process an "administrative" withdrawal, we do handle specialty withdrawals including those which we call "Resignations" such as:

*        Requests after the Resignation Date

*        Requests to backdate to pre-first class date

*        Requests to backdate to the last day to resign deadline

These are all special cases determined to be "life situation" situations in which either illness, hospitalization, family type emergencies, and sometimes area disasters caused a need to request a backdated resignation.

We have a committee made up of the academic deans, financial aid staff, Bursar staff, and Registrar to review the requests and determine a decision.  The academic deans being a part of the review process adds a great value. The final decision is definitely the dean's decision and the additional committee members provide valuable insight to each situation.

I hope this helps answer your question.

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Hello TACRAOLand...

Please answer the following question...

If someone asks for an Administrative Withdrawal...what does that mean to you?

Thank you,

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