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** WARNING: Not a TAMUC email. DO NOT click links or open attachments unless you know the content is safe **

** WARNING: Not a TAMUC email. DO NOT click links or open attachments unless you know the content is safe **

** WARNING: Not a TAMUC email. DO NOT click links or open attachments unless you know the content is safe **

We are the same as UT-Arlington.  December mini with spring and May mini with summer.

Connie Garrick
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Our winter intersession is tied to our spring term, and our summer intersession (Maymester) is within our summer term.  We have used this format since we first started with the mini sessions.  I believe that Financial Aid worked it out with Department Of Education that this is how we would do it for financial aid, so our official term start for spring and summer is with these mini sessions.  So everyone has been on board with this, Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Institutional Research.


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I wanted to pose a question to Community Colleges about the mini-mesters and what terms they are associated with. We currently have our December Mini-mester connected to our Fall semester and our May mini-mester connected to our Spring semester. We are looking at changing this to have our December mini-mester connect to our Spring semester and our May mini-mester connect to our Summer semester. If you have this format at your college can you tell me the pros and cons of this. For example: not having a mini mester attached to the Fall does not allow International Students that drop a class and still get the 12 hrs required for their visa by adding the December mester.

I would appreciate all feedback on how this affects the Admissions, Registrar, and Financial Aid offices. Thank you for your help!

Thank you,

Jennifer Beal
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