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Justin Schilke jschilke at rice.edu
Tue Feb 26 12:15:31 CST 2019

Office of Institutional Research handles it at Rice.

The only role Registrar plays in that is maintaining the data in the warehouse for them and providing them access to the data.

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On 2/26/2019 11:46:22 AM, Whitaker, Latoya R. <latoya.whitaker at bcm.edu> wrote:
Good afternoon TACRAO,
I am emailing with a few questions on how your school handles student achievement metrics (i.e. graduation rate/retention rate/time to degree).  Specially, my questions are below:
* What office handles this at your school? For example: Institutional Research, Institutional Effectiveness, or another office
* Does the Registrar’s Office have a role/responsibility in the process?
Thank you!
Latoya R. Whitaker, M.A.
Baylor College of Medicine
DeBakey Building M-210
One Baylor Plaza
Houston, TX  77030-3411
713-798-1518 - Fax
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