[TACRAO] Listserv FERPA and Transcript Recipient Information

Busby, Maria REG_MZB at SHSU.EDU
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Hi Sloan,

Our College of Education has not requested transcripts on students up to this point.  However, on occasion, some schools will have accreditation audits in which we must provide random student transcripts for that purpose.  In those cases, we do not require student authorization as the record is being used for university purposes.

I hope this answers your question.

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Good Afternoon,

Our undergraduate education department has asked the Registrar's Office to provide official transcript request recipient information for their students/graduates who are seeking teaching certification through the State of Texas. They are trying to develop a method of tracking their graduates to the school districts/schools where they are initially employed for teaching.

1.       Does anyone provide this information to their schools or departments?

2.       Do you require that they obtain a signed release from the student/graduate?

3.       Do you assist your schools or departments in helping track student's after graduation in any other way?

Thank you,

Sloan White

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