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Good Afternoon,

Our undergraduate education department has asked the Registrar's Office to provide official transcript request recipient information for their students/graduates who are seeking teaching certification through the State of Texas. They are trying to develop a method of tracking their graduates to the school districts/schools where they are initially employed for teaching.

1.       Does anyone provide this information to their schools or departments?
At SMU once a month we send our office of student success and retention a list of transcript requests processed.
We've also done this for other areas in response to ad hoc requests.

2.       Do you require that they obtain a signed release from the student/graduate?
No. But we do verify that this is for institutional purposes.
If the information is to be provided to a third party, they would need a release.

3.       Do you assist your schools or departments in helping track student's after graduation in any other way?
We assist in administering a required graduation survey.

Thank you,

Sloan White

Sloan White, M.Ed.
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Texas Wesleyan University

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