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Please see below for SMU.

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Would you mind taking a few minutes to help us out by answering the following questions:

1.       What is your withdrawal deadline for your academic classes?

a.       65% of the semester

b.       70% of the semester

c.       75% of the semester

d.       80% of the semester

e.       Other __For a regular withdrawal during a regular term,_64th class day of 70 class day term; approx. 91%. We will accept a medical withdrawal through the last day of classes.________

2.       Do you begin registering for the following semester before or after your semester withdrawal deadline?  Yes

3.       Are you classes primarily 16 weeks or 8 weeks in length?   A regular term = 70 class days plus exams, study days, etc.

Thank you

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"Life is a succession of making choices and education will help you make wise ones."  Emma Woolley

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