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Tue Jul 3 11:47:29 CDT 2018

Good Afternoon,

In light of recent events, we are looking to better define a process for Diploma Mill transcripts (for both college AND high school transcripts/diplomas).  Please feel free to share any information you may have on this topic, some additional guidance questions are below:

Would you mind sharing any processes/procedures that you may currently have in place in regards to Diploma Mills and potential Diploma Mill transcripts?

Are there current items that you look for to determine authenticity? If so, what are those items? (Do you have a checklist?)

How have you dealt with Home School high school transcripts in relation to Diploma Mills and determining authenticity?

Do you have Diploma Mill information on your website? (If yes, would you mind sharing the link?)
Thank you all in advance for any insight and knowledge that you may have to share and have a wonderful July 4th Holiday!   [cid:image003.png at 01D412C3.9E0CD1F0]


Jennifer Zamarripa
Associate Director
Center for Student Information (CSI)
Alamo Colleges
Jzamarripa55 at alamo.edu<mailto:Jzamarripa55 at alamo.edu>

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