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Zepeda, Gregory gxz003 at SHSU.EDU
Mon Aug 20 11:07:34 CDT 2018

Good Afternoon!

The following questions are for those institutions that offer graduate certificate programs.

1)      Do you provide an actual certificate to the student or only post the award to the student's transcript record?

2)      If you provide an actual certificate, what is the size of the certificate (8.5x11, etc.)?

3)      Does the wording/layout on the certificate mimic the degree diploma, or is it completely different?

4)      Who awards/posts the certificates to the student records (Registrar's Office, Graduate Studies, etc.)?

5)      Who prints and distributes the certificates (Registrar's Office, Graduate Studies, etc.)?

Thank you for any feedback you can provide.

Gregory Zepeda
Assistant Registrar
Sam Houston State University
A Member of The Texas State University System

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