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Good Morning Everyone,

Hoping today finds you well.

I have been asked to reach out to fellow colleagues to find out what their policies are in relation to Transient students, especially as it relates to FTIC counting.  That being said, I'm adding a few guiding questions, but please feel free to share any information that you may have that might pertain.

1)      What does your institution consider as a Transient student?

2)      How long can a student remain a Transient student? IE: After one semester, if they choose to continue, are they required to apply as degree seeking? If they do not reapply, does their registration moving forward get blocked, or are they rolled into a Continuing student type from a transient type?

3)      Are there additional charges associated with Transient students? Are these one-time charges are charges that occur each time they are considered a transient status?

4)      How does Transient status, or non-degree seeking status impact your reporting of FTIC students?

5)      How do your institutions handle students that are enrolled in both your institution and another institution simultaneously? How is it determined whom will count that student as an FTIC student?

Thank you in advance for any feedback that you may be able to give I and hope you have a wonderful day!


Jennifer Zamarripa
Associate Director
Center for Student Information (CSI)
Jzamarripa55 at alamo.edu<mailto:Jzamarripa55 at alamo.edu>

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