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Please see answer below.

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Hi TACRAO residency group mind,

If a graduate applicant marks yes to  graduated from Texas high school after 36 months/ reside in Texas for 12 months prior to semester entering / Texas resident questions on the graduate application, and then provides a transcript from an out of state school and an out of state mailing address, would you flag that student for further review?
I would ask for additional information if discrepancy is found.

If you agreed that the applicant did graduate from a Texas high school after at least 36 months attendance, then went to another state for their undergraduate degree (continuous enrollment) and is returning to Texas after graduation to attend your school, would you count this as a temporary absence for education and not require them to physically reside in Texas for 12 months prior to entry to renew their residency?  What documentation would you require?
Going out of state for education is consider temporary absence.  You should be able to match up the time line with both high school and college transcript.

Thanks for any insight,



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Assistant Registrar
Office of the Registrar
The University of Texas at Dallas
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