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Sandra Clay sclay at jacksonville-college.edu
Mon Mar 21 15:48:27 CDT 2016

I'm going to stick my head out of the foxhole and ask a question publicly,
so don't shoot please!  For admission purposes, I still don't know how to
think about a student who graduates on the recommended plan, but had to go
the IGC route.

Do you admit them on the same basis as those who met the full EOC
requirements, or do you treat them as someone who, under the TAKS system,
graduated with modified TAKS?  Do you handle IGC graduates differently than
those who passed all 5 mandated EOCs?

I not only want to know WHAT you do, but WHY.  The rationale will be as
helpful as the standard itself.

If you're wary of responding publicly, a quiet private comment would still
be welcome.  I need to hear from colleagues in a variety of school settings
to help me muddle through this one.

*Sandra Clay*
*Director of Admissions*
*Jacksonville College*
*903.541.4091 (fax)*
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