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See UT Tyler's responses below.

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Subject: [TACRAO] Listserv Major/Minor Change Survey

We are re-examining our major/minor procedures and wanted to get some information about your institution's procedures. Please respond to these questions:

1.       Does your institution allow major/minor changes at any time during the semester? Yes

2.       If no, what is the deadline for implementing a major/minor change for a student?

3.       In either case, do you encounter issues with timing of the major/minor changes? We have a few programs with billing items tied to the major (e.g. nursing insurance), and those programs are always declared as-of a specific action date.

4.       If your institution has a policy regarding major/minor changes, could you provide a URL for it? We have data for changes of major and other degree plan elements split across a few Catalog policies:

?  http://uttyler.cmsiq.com/2015-2016/Catalog/Undergraduate-Academic-Policies/Declaration-Change-of-Major

?  http://uttyler.cmsiq.com/2015-2016/Catalog/Undergraduate-Admissions-and-Graduation/General-Baccalaureate-Degree-Requirements (Core Curriculum Requirements, final small paragraph)

Thanks for participating!!

Lynda Langham


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