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Likewise for LU


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At TCU, we have reports that we run and supply to the departments.  If the
departments want students dropped, we will drop them, but the department
must request that we do so.


Mary W. Kincannon

University Registrar

Texas Christian University


817-257-6400 (fax)


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Good evening.  I would like to see what others do if a student is
currently enrolled in a class which is a prerequisite to the next course.
The student enrolls in the next course (early registration), but then
fails the prerequisite course


1.       Does your institution drop the student?

2.       Does your institution allow the student to remain in the next


Thanks so much!


Connie Garrick

System Director of Records & Enrollment Services/Registrar

Records and Enrollment Services

Lone Star College

20515 SH 249  UP1104

Houston, Texas 77070


281.290.2978 (fax)

Connie.Garrick at LoneStar.edu <mailto:Connie.Garrick at LoneStar.edu> 



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